Most teachers unfortunately overlook the vital prerequisite of making their chosen subject entertaining for the students. Not only did Teacher Monica make me relish English, but she made it one of my favoirite subjects. Now I am less than a month away from starting a degree in the United Kingdom that has Philosophy as a major component. As part of my application process, I had to provide some proof of proficiency in English. This is where her expertise in language tests was tremendously useful, as I managed to achieve grade A in each and every component of the CAE exam (and consequently, grade A overall). She undeniably played a paramount role not only in raising my English level , but also in making me confident in my linguistic skills and I owe her a lot for that.

Theodor Nenu, University of Oxford, England, Computer Science and Philosophy, Cambridge Advanced


Theodor Nenu, CAE, University of Oxford, Computer Science and Philosophy