Taking Cambridge Proficiency Exam was the ultimate test for my English passion and I could never have done it without Monica. Through our months of preparation, she gave 100%, stimulated me and taught me true English to the very detail and shared with me her tricks, simplifying even the most intricate themes. She made the subject come to life and shared with me parts of her knowledge, impressions and more, which I am extremely thankful for.
Monica is the kind of teacher who puts the relationship between the two parts, the professor and the student, first, as it is of utmost importance. Our chatty times along tea and snacks were my favourite and even now, after so many months, I can surely say I miss them.
It is truly a delight to find such beautiful people, so uplifting, affectionate and gentle. I wish more teachers would adopt her style, as it is beyond doubt, what helped me the most and what I will always remember dearly. She remains one of my most valued teachers and I trust that anyone who will with her will share the same opinion as me.


Oana Malacu, CPE, I.C. Bratianu Highschool