TV Series and Film Review Vocabulary

Movie and TV Series Review Vocabulary

In the writing paper of the FCE, CAE or CPE exams you may choose between more tasks  and a Film or TV Series Review could be an option. Whether it’s the most recent,  the best or the worst film, TV series or TV show you’ve ever watched, you’ll need specific vocabulary to include in your review.

So, again, feel free and happy to download and use a comprehensive

TV Series and Film Review Vocabulary 

list, which includes nice structures for both good and bad movies and shows.

You may also need these IMDB Charts:

 Top 250 Movies

 Top 250 TV Shows

Worst TV Shows Ever Made

Lowest Rated Movies





Word Formation – Verb Suffixes


Verb suffixes – good to know for the Use of English paper of the FCE, CAE and CPE Exams. A bit of research would help as well, so  you should find and add the nouns or the adjectives for the verbs in the list. It may be time-consuming, but it’s worth it.

As you know, there are four verb suffixes that you need to be aware of, that is, -ate, -en, -ify and -ise/ize. If what you get in the exam is a noun or an adjective and you don’t remember the verb, try adding each of these suffixes and one will surely ring a bell to you:

Since Christmas is coming, here’s a joke:

Q: What’s another name for Santa’s elves?

A: Subordinate Clauses.

Grammar everywhere. (

Download the list:

Academic Vocabulary 3



If you’ve already used and got used to the words on the previously published lists, then it’s time for  some more academic vocabulary. Students usually look for ‘ items of vocabulary to impress teachers’ and, although these words may seem alien to them at first, they start to like some of them and ask for more. For example, some students told me that ubiquitous sounds really nice to them and so does quintessential

My advice for you is to find as many contexts as possible for these academic words, to see how you can make meaningful sentences that sound natural.

So, here’s the new list:

Academic Vocabulary 3