Phrasal verbs magic box


Where can you use it?

1.FCE/CAE/CPE Use of English open cloze/rephrasing exercises

2.University Admission English grammar exercises

So, you need a phrasal verb, you have the verb, it’s, for example – turn, but the particle is missing. You know it must be a common one, you know you know it and it’s so annoying, what is it? OK, write the 6 most common particles that occur within phrasals, that is, 2 adverbs-UP and DOWN and 4 prepositions-IN, OUT, ON and OFF. (As you see they’re all spatial so the box helps you a lot to remember them). Try to match each of them and the right combination will simply pop up, you’ll see!!!

Sometimes it can be more difficult to select, let’s say, in the case of a CPE exam, where the phrasal verb will be a less common one. In this case choose what sounds most familiar, after you try to work out its meaning in context, of course.

To see that it works, try a simple exercise. Here are some verbs: make, get, put, take. Match them with the 6 particles and you’ll see you know all their meanings. This strategy always works.

Good luck!